In celebration of My Hero Academia's 5th season releasing in April 2021, Banpresto will be releasing a new Ichiban Kuji series of My Hero Academia 'Go and Go!' figures that same month. As always though, keep in mind that preorder dates are subject to change or delay. Off of my first impression, these are some of the best MHA figures I've seen.

Earlier this year, they released four new Ichiban Kuji Masterlise figures of Deku and Bakugo, but this new series features new action poses of the two as well as figures of Todoroki, Ochaco, and Shinso, a character we are going to see more of this Spring!

In the new teaser they released for the season, we see Class 1-A taking on Class 1-B and these figures really show off these characters in those scenes with action-packed poses and battle-ready stances. They also include effect parts that feature their individual quirks. This is also the first Banpresto figure that showcases Bakugo in his new hero suit and the first time Shinso has received a figure from them.

Preorder Links

  • RightStuf (Deku for $35.99 USD, Ochaco for $35.99 USD, Todoroki for $35.99 USD)
  • Crunchyroll (Deku for $36 USD, Ochaco for $36 USD, Todoroki for $36 USD, Preorders close on January 5, 2020)

You can check out the new My Hero Academia Ichiban Kuji 'Go and Go!' Figures in the image below!

My Hero Academia Ichiban Kuji 'Go and Go!' Figures