My Dress-Up Darling is one of my favorite new manga as well as anime to release as of late, so I've been anxiously awaiting the release of My Dress-Up Darling figures! At SmileFest 2022, Good Smile Company announced a number of new anime figures, and much to my excitement, they announced their first My Dress-Up Darling Nendoroid of Marin Kitagawa.

The Marin Kitagawa Nendoroid comes with three face plates (A smiling face, winking face, and an "I totally wuv him" face). She also comes with optional display parts, including a copy of one of Marin's favorite games "Slippery Girls 2", which serves as inspiration for her first cosplay with Gojo of Shizuku-tan, a leopard print mirror, Marin's special omurice with "sorry" written on top that she makes Gojo one day, as well as a a Shizuku-tan body pillow.

Her Nendoroid is expected to ship out sometime in May 2023 and retails for around $46.99 USD. Keep in mind, though, that prices as well as estimated arrival dates may vary depending on where you preorder this Nendoroid from. Since a Nendoroid of Marin is releasing, I'm hoping more My Dress-Up Darling Nendoroids as well as figures are announced by Good Smile Company soon! I will keep you posted if or when more are revealed.

You can find out where to preorder the Marin Kitagawa Nendoroid now and check out photos of the figure as well as its display options in the gallery below!

Where to Shop

My Dress-Up Darling Nendoroid Marin Kitagawa Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Good Smile Company.

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