Sabo is the latest to join Megahouse‘s ever-growing One Piece Portrait of Pirates line with previous releases like Trafalgar Law, Aokiji aka Kuzan, Belo Betty, Crocodile, and more releasing in Megahouse’s 2021 figure line-up. He is expected to ship out sometime in July 2022 and is retailing for around $200 USD. Speaking of One Piece, Oniri Creations announced a new 1/4 scale One Piece statue of Luffy that you definitely want to check out as well.

The One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sabo figure shows him in a dynamic action pose with his preferred weapon, his metal pipe, in one hand. His other hand is clenched into a fiery fist that’s punching outward. The base is made to look like rock but it is also covered in PVC effect pieces that are painted and sculpted to look like flames. This figure stands 5.7″ tall.

As you can see in one of the images, it can be put on display with the Portrait of Pirates figure of Ace that serves as a companion piece to this figure of Sabo. When the two are put on display together, they form a diorama that represents a pivotal moment in the series.

You can check out photos of the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sabo figure and find out where to preorder it now below!

Where to Shop One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sabo Figure

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sabo Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Megahouse.