Megahouse have revealed the next figure in their Naruto Gals line and it is of Hinata Hyuga! This will be the third Naruto Gals figure that Megahouse have released of Hinata, but this one is unique, because its a DX version.

The DX versions are three-dimensional pieces. As you can see from the photos, this figure is the largest in the series so far coming in at around 13.65 inches (35cm) tall. My favorite thing about this figure though is the fact that it showcases her Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fist.

Another thing to note is that the figure comes sculpted on a base, so this is something to look forward to about the Naruto Gals DX Hinata (Ver. 3) figure as well.

You can check out the newly announced Naruto Gals DX Hinata figure in the gallery below!

Megahouse Naruto Gals DX Hinata (Ver. 3) Purchase Links

Megahouse Naruto Gals DX Hinata (Ver. 3) Figure Gallery

As more sites put her up for preorder, I will add them to this post. She has an estimated arrival date of March-April 2021, but the ship date can vary depending on where you preorder from.