Megahouse's new Rebuild of Evangelion figure shows Misato Katsuragi alongside Pen Pen. The newly announced figure is the latest addition to their Megahouse Gals line and it is expected to arrive sometime in June 2022. HOBBYMAX also announced that they are coming out with more Radio EVA figures!

The figure stands over 9 inches tall and comes with a stand that doubles as the staircase that both Misato and Pen Pen stand upon. Misato's figure is based on her appearance in the Rebuild of Evangelion films. She is shown holding her characteristic red jacket and wearing her cross necklace. Strolling behind Misato is Pen Pen, who is looking up at her with an adorable look on his face. It is retailing in the US for around $220 USD, but the price may vary depending on what site you preorder the figure on.

You can find out where to preorder and can check out photos of the Megahouse Misato & Pen Pen figure in the gallery below!

Megahouse Misato & Pen Pen Rebuild of Evangelion Figure Preorder Links

Megahouse Misato & Pen Pen Rebuild of Evangelion Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Megahouse.

In other news, HOBBYMAX announced a new line of Radio EVA figures and Prime 1 Studio announced a second Josh Nizzi Evangelion concept statue!