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Magic Cube Muzan Statue Unboxing and Review

Magic Cube Muzan Statue Unboxing and Review

Magic Cube’s Muzan statue not only captures Muzan’s menacing presence, but does this memorable scene from Demon Slayer justice. Check out the full unboxing!

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Magic Cube’s Muzan Kibutsuji statue features Muzan when he shape-shifted into a female form and tricked all of the Lower Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. It’s one of the many scenes I’ll never forget from the first season and while this is a very specific moment to make a statue of, I couldn’t be happier that Magic Cube made the decision to bring it to life in statue form. This is the first Demon Slayer statue to join my collection and after unboxing and reviewing this one, I’m looking forward to getting more.

Any who, let’s get into things. I’ll be reviewing this statue in the following areas: Packaging, design and concept, and paint and sculpt. Instead of doing a full gallery for this statue, like usual, we did a full unboxing and showcase of Magic Cube’s Muzan statue and all of its details on our YouTube channel, so make sure you check out that video at the end of this post as well!

Magic Cube Muzan Statue Specifications

Scale: 1/6 scale

Dimensions: Approximately H42 * W33 * L28cm or  H16.5 x W13 x L11in

Price: I paid $520.99 USD pre-shipping, but this price varies depending on where you buy from.


Magic Cube’s Muzan statue came in a single art box that was shipped in a cardboard shipping box with corner protectors. Within the art box, there’s a sturdy foam insert that is held together by velcro straps. They placed each piece securely in their own individual compartments within the foam insert and wrapped them in tissue paper, so they were protected during shipment. This is the first Magic Cube statue I’ve purchased and I’m really impressed with how well they shipped this statue.

Design and Concept

The concept of this statue is true to what you witness in Demon Slayer’s anime and I’m happy they chose not to censor anything from this scene. They could have easily left out all of the gore and Lower Three’s severed head, but they didn’t, and I applaud Magic Cube for going all in on this one. This concept shows the aftermath of what occurred in this scene and I really love how gory and bloody they made this statue.

I also really love the way the monstrous shape-shifted arm wraps around the base but also dynamically rises around him. Since the heads are facing in different directions, it looks as if it’s alive and moving. There’s a lot going on in this statue, but it was designed in a way that allows every element to stand out in its own way.

I also want to talk about the way they included the LEDs in this statue. I am a huge fan of the ambient, natural lighting they achieved with the lanterns. It’s a really unique way to light up a statue and Muzan in particular looks even more ominous when illuminated by the glow of the lanterns. They also added some slits in the staircase that allow light to shine through the back and side, which is a nice touch as well.

Everything on Magic Cube’s Muzan statue, from its base to its top, is well-thought-out and it’s one of the most interesting and exciting Demon Slayer concepts I’ve seen so far.

Paint and Sculpt

The staircase is painted to look like real wood and they really achieved that look with the texturing they added throughout. They also painted red stains and droplets, which were painted to look like blood, on the staircase to further show the carnage that takes place within this scene.

The base, which is painted black, is more simplistic, but it still looks nice with the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba logo front and center. Muzan’s shape-shifted arm wraps around the top of it, so I’m happy they kept the painting and look of the base minimal. One of the best things about this statue is his shape-shifted arm, which has this exposed muscle look to it. These pieces easily could have looked one note with that red, but they added in darker shading to give them more depth.

The way they sculpted the veins on these pieces make them look as if they are popping out and the eyeballs, which are all over the place, have this reptilian look to them. The eyeballs actually look realistic, especially with the glossy finish they added to them. The best part about these pieces, however, are their mouths. They sculpted mouths within mouths, which I can’t imagine is easy to do, but they pulled it off and they look incredible. The heads on this statue have teeth that are bloodstained as well as vampire-like canines that look sharp and menacing. I especially love the look of the one with the tongue that’s sticking out and has blood dripping down it.

The shape-shifted arm looks amazing and monstrous, but my favorite part of this statue has to be Lower Three’s severed head. The mortified expression they got on his face shows how scared he was in those final moments and the blood they added that’s cascading out of his neck shows his head has just been severed.

Muzan’s head sculpt looks spot on as well. He looks both beautiful and sinister at the same time. The folds they sculpted in his outfit make it look as if the fabric is draping and the patterns they added are bold and colorful.

All in all, the paint work featured on and the sculpting of Magic Cube’s Muzan statue is top notch and the overall piece looks like it was pulled straight out of the anime.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that Magic Cube’s Muzan statue is the first Demon Slayer statue I chose to buy. Not only does it look great, but it highlights one of my favorite scenes from the first season. I always knew Muzan is someone you don’t want to mess with, but watching him in this moment showed just how terrifying he truly is. This statue not only captures his wicked presence, but does this memorable scene from the series justice.

In my opinion, Magic Cube and T.N.T. Studios are two studios that are hitting it out of the park with their Demon Slayer statues, so if you are looking to get a Demon Slayer statue, I highly recommend both. As to where I recommend buying from, I personally try to buy all of my unlicensed anime statues from Favor GK. They are the only site I’ve yet to have a negative experience with and their customer service is the best I’ve come across. Right now, Magic Cube’s Muzan statue is sold out, but you can check out all of the other Demon Slayer statues they have available for preorder on their site.

You can check out all of the details and get an all-around look at Magic Cube’s Muzan statue in the video below!

Magic Cube Muzan Statue Unboxing and Review Video

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