Iron Kite Studio took to Facebook today to tease their upcoming 1/4 scale Itachi statue that is coming soon. From what we can see in the photos, this statue shows Itachi wearing his straw hat and features his crow clones and his Akatsuki cloak, which is covered in the black flames of the Amaterasu.

There appear to be some light-up LED features on this statue as well. The Mangekyō Sharingan and his eyes light up, which creates this nice effect from under the brim of his hat, and some of the flames appear to have LEDs within them as well. We will confirm these details when Iron Kite Studio fully reveals the statue.

Iron Kite Studio Itachi Preorder Links

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You can check out the image Iron Kite Studio released of their upcoming 1/4 scale Itachi statue below!

Iron Kite Studio Itachi 1/4 Scale Statue

All images in this post are credited to Iron Kite Studio.