Kaworu Nagisa is the latest to join HOBBY MAX‘s line of Evangelion figures that are are based on illustrations by Mai Yoneyama for the lifestyle brand Radio EVA.

Already revealed or released from the line are figures of Rei Ayanami, Asuka Shikinami Langley, and Mari Makinami Illustrious. These 1/7 scale figures come in two different color versions, one in full color (Radio EVA Ver) with the other featuring a more grayscale color palette (Original Color Radio Eva Ver). Each character is also shown wearing streetwear that matches their individual personalities and style.

Kaworu’s figure is around 10.24 inches or 26cm tall and he is shown wearing pastel pants, a black hoodie, and black shoes. Depending on where you preorder him from, he is expected to arrive sometime in March-April 2022.

You can find out where to preorder the Radio EVA 1/7 scale Kaworu Nagisa figure and check out photos of both color versions in the gallery below!

HOBBY MAX Kaworu Nagisa 1/7 Scale Figures Preorder Links

As more sites put these figures up for preorder, we will update this list.

HOBBY MAX Kaworu Nagisa 1/7 Scale (Radio Eva Ver) Figure Gallery

HOBBY MAX Kaworu Nagisa 1/7 Scale (Original Color Radio Eva Ver) Figure Gallery