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F:NEX's Japanese Doll Albedo Figure Features Stunning Detail

F:NEX’s Japanese Doll Albedo Figure Features Stunning Detail

F:NEX’s new Japanese doll Albedo figure was made in collaboration with the long-established doll store Yoshitoku!

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F:NEX’s new Japanese doll Albedo figure comes in 1/4 scale and it has a price tag of over $2,000. To give you an idea, this Albedo figure costs more than licensed polystone or resin anime statues, like the Prime 1 Studio 1/3 scale Guts, The Black Swordsman statue or the Figurama Ichigo vs Ulquiorra statue when they were available for retail.

While pricey and up there with the cost of anime resin statues, or even more, this figure features a lot of stunning details. This comes as no surprise given that this Albedo figure was made by F:NEX, one of the premier anime figure makers, as well as Yoshitoku, a long-established doll store in Japan.

Albedo from Overlord is shown wearing a cloth kimono, which features beautiful traditional patterns and gold accents. She is also shown with a gold fan in hand and her jet-black wings are unfolding gracefully around her. The mixed media details on this figure are great and you can see the care that went into the making of her kimono in the photos.

This figure is approximately 19.3 inches tall and it is made of PVC, ABS, rayon, polyester, acetate, and cardboard. This figure comes with a stand to display the figure as well as two smaller stands that support her wings. It is expected to release sometime in May 2023.

You can check out photos of the F:NEX Japanese doll Albedo figure in the gallery and find out where to preorder this figure now below!

F:NEX Japanese Doll Albedo Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to F:NEX.

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