Update on November 13th: Added updated images, which include new head sculpts for King.

Figurama Collectors teased a Seven Deadly Sins statue recently, which showcases the dynamic scene that sees Ban taking on Fairy King Harlequin aka “King”. In the teaser images they’ve posted, you get a brief glimpse of King, who is posed with his his Sacred Treasure, the Spirit Spear Chastiefol. You can also see in the corner of one of the teaser images that it is piercing Ban through the center of his chest.

They also announced a preorder date of November 23rd at 11:00pm JST. Since last writing this post, updated photos and details about the statue were revealed. Included with the statue are two portraits for King, two portraits for Ban, two left arms for Ban, two bust stands, and an exclusive art print.

After seeing the first images, there were some concerns that I, along with others, had with the likeness of King in particular. Figurama, however, are the best at listening to and applying feedback from the collector community and have already released updated head sculpts that look spot on. There will be 777 pieces of this statue available worldwide and it has an estimated arrival date of Q3 2021. The price for the statue alone is going to be $795. Other than Figurama’s site on November 23rd at 11:00pm JST, you can also preorder the statue at one of the following sites:

You can check out the updated images of Figurama’s Ban vs King statue below!

Figurama Collectors Seven Deadly Sins Ban vs King Statue Gallery

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