Shibuya Scramble by eStream is releasing a new Chainsaw Man figure of Denji and it shows him in his hybrid form tearing through some Devils with his chainsaws. I really appreciate the fact that they kept the scene of this figure as gory as it would be in the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto and hopefully the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime as well.

Denji is shown in one of his characteristic, action-ready poses with his chainsaws out and ready to saw through his enemies. There are bloody effect parts that attach to the chainsaws on his arms and the chainsaw that protrudes out from his head. His teeth look sharp and pointy and the mechanical and metal details on his head are painted in what looks to be metallic gun metal grey. The blood splatter and spray details on his chainsaws, body, and clothing look incredible too.

The base he stands upon is painted in muted colors, so even though there’s a lot going on here, Denji really stands out on this figure. The Devil underneath his feet has just been beheaded and there’s a clear effect piece of blood, which is spurting out of its body. All in all, it’s just one bloody mess of a figure and I absolutely love it. It really highlights Chainsaw Man and Denji in hybrid form well.

The eStream Shibuya Scramble Denji Chainsaw Man figure comes in 1/7 scale and it stands approximately 11.1in tall. It is expected to arrive sometime in July 2023 and is retailing for around $395 USD. You can preorder him now and check out images of this figure in the gallery below!

eStream Shibuya Scramble Denji Chainsaw Man Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to eStream.