Update on September 24th: Added online sale date for Anime Demon Slayer UT Collection.

Earlier this year, Uniqlo celebrated the release of the latest Evangelion movie and Mobile Suit Gundam “Gunpla” 40th anniversary with new collections. Today they revealed that they are further expanding their Manga UT line with a new set of t-shirts featuring graphics from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Their global launch date for the first collection is August 7th, but they will be releasing in the United States online and in select stores on 9/14. The stores they are currently available in are as follows: FL Disney Springs, IL N. Michigan Ave., IL State Street, NY 34th Street, NY 5th Avenue, NY Hudson Yards, NY SOHO, PA Chestnut Street, CA Beverly Center, CA Great Mall, CA Ontario Mills, CA Union Square, CO Denver Pavilion, WA Bellevue Collection.

Uniqlo first teased the new collection on July 30th on their Instagram, but they've already released the full line in some regions, like Thailand. The collection includes 8 short-sleeved t-shirts; Each highlighting different characters. One graphic features Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Volume 1's cover of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Another has all nine of the Hashira on back. There's even one that has Nezuko popping up out of its pocket.

They also just revealed the 2nd collection’s information. While the other is centered around Demon Slayer's manga, this one is based on the anime. It will be available online only on October 12th.

You can check out all of the short-sleeved t-shirts releasing in the newly announced Uniqlo Demon Slayer collections in the galleries below!

Uniqlo Manga Demon Slayer UT Collection

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Uniqlo Anime Demon Slayer UT Collection

Uniqlo's Anime Demon Slayer UT Collection will be available online only on October 12th.

You can purchase the Demon Slayer Manga UT T-shirts on Uniqlo's site now here. They sold out pretty quickly on the day they released, but Uniqlo did a restock on September 17th, so you can still pick them up while supplies last.

As mentioned above, Uniqlo's 2nd collection of Demon Slayer Anime UT t-shirts will be available on October 12th at their site here!