The Cowboy Bebop Megahouse figures of Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine that sold out on their first release in 2019 are getting a reissue! The set was once going for an aftermarket price of around $800 USD on sites like eBay, but it is retailing again for around $380 USD. Both figures come in 1/8 scale are expected to ship out sometime in August 2022. In related news, Megahouse announced a new figure of Evangelion's Misato and Pen Pen!

Megahouse's scale figures of Faye and Spike are typically sold together in a set that comes with two individual figures. When put on display together, they recreate an action scene and look great together thanks to their similar Cowboy Bebop-themed bases. Each base also features a glass-breaking effect backdrop that when put together spells out Cowboy Bebop and a shadow image of what looks to be Spike's ship Swordfish II. Their individual bases have their names on them as well.

The two are displayed in dynamic action poses. They even come with optional display parts, including a cigarette for Spike and sunglasses for Faye. Both are removable, so they can be displayed with or without them on.

You can check out photos of the Cowboy Bebop Megahouse figures ofSpike Spiegel and Faye Valentine and find out where to preorder the set now below!

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