A new CCS Toys Lazengann Gurren Lagann figure was announced. The Lazengann is piloted by Lordgenome in Gurren Lagann, one of my top mecha anime on Netflix. It is a black mecha with a martial artist-like physique that has a tail, which is used for attacks, and a helmet, which features a single horn. All of these details have been faithfully recreated by CCS Toys.

This figure is movable and posable, so it is an action figure, but it is made of alloy, so it features a higher quality than most. There are over 20 drill parts that come with this figure, and they can be attached to the Lazengann to further display its special moves, power, and abilities.

This kit also comes with six interchangeable hands as well as effect parts for added display-ability and a base for display. One of the most exciting things that comes with this kit, however, is the throne, which Lazengann sits upon.

You can tell this figure has a wide range of motion and articulation points when viewing the images and the details overall as well as the set contents that come with the CCS Toys Lazengann Gurren Lagann figure are great too.

It is expected to arrive sometime in September 2022 and it stands approximately 23.5cm or 9.25in tall. You can find out where to preorder the CCS Toys Lazengann Gurren Lagann figure and check out photos of the figure in the gallery below!

CCS Toys Lazengann Gurren Lagann Figure Gallery

All images in this product are credited to CCS Toys.