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CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z Collaboration Announced

A collection of CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z phone cases and accessories are on the way!

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Not too long ago, CASETiFY revealed a Sailor Moon collaboration, and now they are back at us again with another collection inspired by anime. This time around, they are joining forces with shonen giant Dragon Ball Z, which is adapted from the manga by Akira Toriyama.

Releasing in this collaboration are a number of different phone cases, AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, Nintendo Switch cases, and more featuring graphics of prominent characters, groups, and symbols from Dragon Ball Z. Most of the phone cases and accessories feature our main protagonist Goku, but many are inspired by Frieza, the Frieza Force, Goku’s squad (Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan) and Piccolo and Gohan as well.

Other highlights include a matte black phone case that features one of the Dragon Balls, a Dragon Radar AirPods case, and a lenticular case that has a graphic of Goku performing the KAMEHAMEHA. Most likely due to licensing restrictions, a few items, including their Dragon Ball themed basketball and water bottles, are going to be sold exclusively in Asia.

Keep in mind that some of the phone cases and accessories are app exclusives, so they will only be available for purchase on CASETiFY’s app. Most of the collection, though, you will be able to shop on CASETiFY’s website on July 28, 2022 at 1AM PST. If you have priority access, however, the CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z collaboration will be available to shop on July 27, 2022 at 9PM PST. CASETiFY are also giving away a prize to seven winners if they reach 4,000 likes. You can sign-up for the giveaway on their site!

You can check out all of the items releasing in the CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z collaboration and find out where you will be able to shop the collection below!

Where to Shop

CASETiFY Dragon Ball Z Gallery

This is the first-ever collaboration that CASETiFY have done with the Dragon Ball Z, but it surely isn’t the last. Hopefully we will see collections from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super in the future! Be sure to check out CASETiFY’s collaborations with One Piece, Pokémon and Sailor Moon as well.

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