When Viz announced their new series Call of the Night by Kotoyama, the art featured on the first volume and synopsis had me intrigued. So many different vampire stories have been introduced over the years, so I remained skeptical of this one, but I was curious to see how this one would differ from the rest.

Call of the Night is a story about Ko, a middle schooler who’s struggling to find excitement in his life. Since he struggles with insomnia, he sneaks out of his house at night and heads out on walks in hopes of finally being able to get some rest. On one of his nightly strolls, he stumbles across Nazuna, who invites him to her place. When he gets there though, she bites him and he suddenly finds himself immersed in the world of a vampire.

The events that occur in the first volume lead to this weird relationship between the two. They are almost using each other to fulfill their individual desires, and while this is something I think will change as they spend more time together and their relationship further develops; Right now, the connection and interactions between the two lack substance and meaning. This is somewhat to be expected with the MC being 14-years-old, but this is something that somewhat lost me.

I also didn’t feel as connected to a lot of the characters introduced in the first volume as I would have liked. Ko is the most interesting of the bunch, and I actually like his personality, so he may be enough alone to keep me interested in this series.

The one thing I do like about Call of the Night is the creator’s dialogue on night vs. day. He really paints a picture of how different the world is in the hustle and bustle of the day in comparison to the quiet of the night. This is something I found to be really intriguing and I love the way it was threaded throughout the story of the first volume. In addition, I really enjoyed the artwork featured throughout. He has a really cool style and the character designs are unique.

I need to sink my teeth into more volumes before I determine whether or not Call of the Night is one I’ll continue reading, but as it stands, it’s first volume didn’t do quite enough to fully captivate me. I’m still hopeful that something will occur in the next few volumes that will make it a more exciting read. Sometimes things just need time to ramp up and I’m hopeful that’s the case here!

Call of the Night, Volume 1 by Kotoyama is releasing on April 13, 2021 and you can pick it up now on sites like Amazon and RightStuf!

Thank you to NetGalley, Viz, and Kotoyama for a copy of Call of the Night, Volume 1 in exchange for an honest review.