Update on October 23rd: Added Jimei Palace's Pain statue.

A lot of new anime statues were recently revealed, especially with Wonder Festival 2020 taking place earlier this month. I personally collect both licensed and unlicensed statues, so I've included both on this post, but I have separated them for those of you who are only interested in buying licensed pieces.

As always, I don't condone what unlicensed studios are doing, but I will buy their statues from time to time if they are completely original pieces and look too good to pass up. With that said, here are all of my favorite anime statues that have gone up for preorder so far this month!

Unlicensed Statues

Surge Studio Kakuzu Statue

Surge Studio's Kakuzu statue is in 1/8 scale and is said to be limited to 220 pieces. It is estimated to ship out sometime in Q1 2021.

This is one I didn't preorder, but only because I already picked up Clouds Studio's Kakuzu earlier this year. If I didn't already purchase that one, I would have picked this one up. As someone who already owns Surge Studio's Kisame and Itachi, I can attest to just how amazing their work is, especially on their Akatsuki pieces. They have some of the most dynamic statues I've seen yet from Naruto Shippuden, and from what I can see in the photos, their Kakuzu statue is going to be no exception.

See where you can preorder it now and check out photos in the gallery below!

Preorder Links

Surge Studio Kakuzu Statue Gallery

Black Wing Studios Aizen Sosuke Statue

Black Wing Studios statue of Aizen Sosuke from Bleach is in 1/6 scale. It is estimated to ship out sometime in Q2 2021. I preordered this one partially because I'm a sucker for throne pieces, but more so because the imagery and concept showcases Aizen in a way that's truly menacing. I am also happy to report that they've recently updated the head sculpt for Aizen. It was almost there in terms of likeness before, but they fixed some issues that people, along with myself, were having and it now looks spot on. You can see the new head sculpt in the gallery below!

From what's shown in the photos, I also really like the fact that they painted the stone and the skeletal elements in a way that makes them look more realistic. This definitely is far from an anime accurate depiction of the throne he sits on, but I love all the ornamental additions they added on this interpretation.

Preorder Links

Black Wing Studios Aizen Sosuke Statue Gallery

Clouds Studio Tobirama Statue

Clouds Studio's Tobirama statue from Naruto Shippuden is in 1/7 scale and it comes in two versions, a normal and EX version. It is estimated to ship out sometime in Q2-Q3 2021. I really like this particular statue of Tobirama, because the EX version includes both his regular and Edo Tensei forms. This advanced version of the statue comes with an interchangeable head sculpt, interchangeable arm/hand parts, and an interchange weapon for a small mark-up from the normal version.

I partially picked this one up because of the different display options, but the overall look and the detail you can see in the photos, especially in his armor which has this amazing weathered look, is what had me interested in this one the most. It also appears to come with a display for the head sculpt you aren't using, which I also love as well.

See where you can preorder it now and check out photos in the gallery below!

Preorder Links

Clouds Studio Tobirama Statue Gallery

Clouds Studio Deidara 1/6 Scale Statue Main

Clouds Studio Deidara 1/6 Scale Statue

Clouds Studio's Deidara statue comes in 1/6 scale and has an expected arrival date of Q2-Q3 2021. This is the second statue from Clouds Studio that I'm extremely impressed with this month with the other being their Tobirama statue mentioned above. I've always been impressed with their Akatsuki pieces in general and this one is no exception.

This statue features Deidara and his explosive art, which is showcased through the explosion that lights up behind him, but it also shows him during his fight with Sasuke. I really like the fact that the head sculpt features his scope and his clay birds are added as well. Underneath him, they've also included Manda, who was summoned by Sasuke during his battle with Deidara. It looks great and is different from every other Deidara statue I've seen before, and for this reason alone it's of my favorite statues available for preorder this October.

Preorder Links

Clouds Studio Deidara 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

Licensed Statues

Jimei Palace Pain 1/6 Scale Statue

Jimei Palace's Pain statue is my most anticipated licensed statue that's available for preorder this month. It comes in 1/6 scale and is expected to ship out sometime in Q1-Q2 2021. I will admit that I was skeptical about this one after seeing the prototype photos from Wonder Festival 2020, but I'm no longer concerned after seeing the official photos.

From what I've seen so far, the likeness is spot on. It also has a grander look to it since it shows him warming up the Planetary Devastation. He has just thrown up the sphere into the sky and it's gravitational pull has kicked in, which is shown by the rocks that surround it. The imagery is great, and even though it doesn't show the Planetary Devastation in its full effect, it's still a powerful looking piece.

Preorder Links

Jimei Palace Pain 1/6 Scale Statue Photo Gallery

Prime 1 Studio Alita Motorball Tryout Statue

Prime 1 Studio are the best at producing pieces that not only look real, but also appear as if they are popping out of the screen, and their Alita Motorball Tryout Statue is one of their most impressive yet. Everything from the explosion occurring in the background that's lit up with LED's and Alita herself were really brought to life by Prime 1 Studio in this dynamic statue.

I'm also impressed by all the little details, like the glisten and details in her eyes, that Prime 1 Studio included to make this statue look even more realistic. This is a real statement piece and one that would look great in any collection, even if you are someone like me, who has yet to collect anything from Alita.

The Alita Motorball Tryout Statue is currently up for preorder now on Prime 1 Studio’s site here for the price of $1,649 USD. It has an estimated arrival date of January 2022-April 2022.

In addition to Prime 1 Studio’s online store, You can also preorder the Alita Motorball Tryout Statue now at one of the following sites:

Prime 1 Studio Alita Motorball Tryout Statue Photo Gallery

Soul Wing Studio Super Saiyan Trunks vs Mecha Frieza

Out of all the Trunks statues I've seen, Soul Wing Studio's, which features the iconic battle between Trunks and Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, is one of my favorites. It is in 1/4 scale and has a light-up flame base. This statue looks amazing with Trunks swinging his Brave Sword and floating mid-air over Mecha Frieza. With the paint and powerful imagery, this statue looks like it came straight out of the anime, and because of these reasons, it was one I had to have.

Soul Wing Studio's Super Saiyan Trunks vs Mecha Frieza is currently up for preorder, and you can pick it up now at one of the following sites while supplies last:

Preorder Links

Soul Wing Studio Super Saiyan Trunk vs. Mecha Frieza Photo Gallery

As more anime statues go up for preorder this month, I will continue to update this post with my favorites, so stay tuned!