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Best Anime Statues Available for Preorder in January 2021

Best Anime Statues Available for Preorder in January 2021

There’s a lot to look forward to in January 2021 with new anime statues going up for preorder from studios like Jimei Palace, SXG, and more!

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Last month, a lot of amazing statues went up for preorder, like TriEagles Studio One Punch Man Saitama & Genos 1/6 Scale Statue and Clouds Studio Hiruzen Sarutobi 1/7 Scale Statue. This month, there’s even more to look forward to with new statues going up for preorder from Jimei Palace, SXG, and more!

As always, I want to make a disclaimer that this post includes both licensed and unlicensed pieces. I’ve noted if a statue is unlicensed for those of you who like to purchase from only licensed studios.

With that said, here are all of my favorite anime statues that have gone up for preorder so far in January 2021! I’ll continue to update this post as more is revealed.

Jimei Palace Borsalino ⅙ Scale Statue

When it comes to One Piece statues, Jimei Palace never seems to fail. Just last month, their Bartholomew Kuma statue went up for preorder, and just a month after, their 1/6 scale statue of Borsalino went up for sale. As far as likeness goes, this is the best I’ve seen of Borsalino by far. 

Everything in this statue is sculpted well, but the head sculpt in particular is impeccably done. The details on his face, the way they executed his aviators, and the expression they chose all really hit the mark. They really did an excellent job at bringing his character to life with this statue.

It looks great, but it’s also dynamic as well. I particularly love his Marine coat, which is sculpted in a way that makes it look as if it’s floating up behind him. In addition, the paint on this statue is vivid and bold, especially on his yellow striped suit. Overall, it’s a well-executed piece that further showcases Jimei Palace’s high attention to detail and quality.

Preorder Links

Jimei Palace Borsalino ⅙ Scale Statue Gallery

SXG Studio x Shadow Studios Kyojuro Rengoku ⅙ Scale Statue

SXG Studio is one I’ve known previously for their Naruto and Pokémon pieces, but they are expanding their horizons yet again with the reveal of a Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba statue of the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, made in collaboration with Shadow Studios. Their latest 1/6 scale statue comes with two interchangeable head sculpts as well as a metal nameplate and it is estimated to arrive sometime in Q3 2021. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is an unlicensed statue.

With the recent release of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train in Japan, a lot of statues of Rengoku have been announced or showcased as of late. There are many choices out there, but so far, SXG Studio and Shadow Studios’ statue has the best head sculpt and the best pose I’ve seen. In addition, his pose is dynamic and the resin flames and dragon, which are flowing around him, look incredible.

The only thing I don’t really like about this statue is the train, which looks slightly off with how tiny it is in comparison to the rest of the elements surrounding it. I get why it was added since this is a huge part of the film, but this addition just somewhat missed the mark for me. With that said, I still think the train they added looks better than many of the other studios that included it in their statues of him as well.

All in all, I’m impressed by this statue because it hits the mark in terms of likeness and, from what I can see in the photos, there’s a lot of added details in terms of texturing and paint, especially in areas like his Haori, which looks more like a cape in this statue, and his Nichirin Blade that make this one stand out as well.

Preorder Links

SXG Studios x Shadow Studios Kyojuro Rengoku ⅙ Scale Statue Gallery

Magic Cube Studios Tamayo 1/6 Scale Statue

Magic Cube Studios Tamayo 1/6 scale statue is another one of my favorites to go up for preorder in January 2021. In addition to T.N.T Studios, Magic Cube have produced some of the best Demon Slayer statues that are available in the market today, and their latest of Tamayo is no exception. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is an unlicensed statue.

I really love the way that Magic Cube lights their statues. On this statue, the LEDs are smartly hidden on the back of the wooden ring behind her. There are also LEDs in the two lanterns in front of her. When lit, this statue looks amazing in the dark thanks to the warm, ambient glow these lighting features create. The lighting looks natural and I really appreciate this about this statue.

Apart from having a great concept, this statue features a lot of detail. I love the look of the flowers, which are boldly painted and feature a variety of colors, and the cherry blossom tree that she is seated on. Not to mention the addition of her calico cat and familiar, Chachamaru. All in all though, this one captures the delicate, kind nature of Tamayo perfectly and I can’t wait for its estimated arrival in Q3 2021!

Preorder Links

Magic Cube Studios Tamayo 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

To get an idea of the quality of statues Magic Cube releases, check out our video unboxing and review of Magic Cube’s Muzan statue below!

T.N.T Studios Tanjiro Kamado 1/6 Scale Statue

As mentioned above, T.N.T. Studios is one of my favorites when it comes to Demon Slayer statues. And so far, their 1/6 scale statue of Tanjiro Kamado, which has an estimated arrival date of Q4 2021, is one of the best I’ve seen. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is an unlicensed statue. There are a lot of Demon Slayer statues on this list, but with the rate they are releasing as of late, I’m not surprised there are.

Right now, I’m still going back and forth with whether or not I prefer it over Magic Cube’s, but I think I’m leaning more towards T.N.T. Studio’s, because I prefer the look of their dragons, which are cast in clear resin and painted in various shades of red and blue to look like fire and water.

T.N.T Studios Tanjiro Kamado is one I enjoy because it features both his Sun Breathing and Water Breathing styles in one statue. I love that he’s somewhat battle damaged as well with blood and scars on his face and his haori, which is singed at the edges, but I also am happy with how well they captured his spirit. As far as expressions go, this is my favorite head sculpt I’ve seen on a statue of Tanjiro. I love the energy and power this one conveys and the overall concept is one I prefer in comparison to others.

Preorder Links

T.N.T Studios Tanjiro Kamado 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

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