This month was a slow month for me in terms of preorders, but I’m okay with that because June is already looking like its going to be a heavy preorder month, especially with Wonder Festival 2021 kicking off on June 13, 2021 in Shanghai. There are going to be a lot of exciting reveals at the event, such as Figurama’s upcoming Dragon Ball Super statue.

Prime 1 Studio’s second Next Level Showcase also just recently happened and they made some amazing reveals. Two being their Fullmetal Alchemist statue of Ed and Alphonse and their Evangelion Unit 13 Josh Nizzi Concept Statue, which are both up for preorder now.

Needless to say that June’s list is going to most likely be a longer one, so there’s a lot to look forward to. With that said, May 2021 still had some exciting new statues go up for preorder and here are some of my favorites!

YOYO Studio Zenitsu Statue

Dimensions: Approximately H55 x W30 x L38cm or H21.7 x W11.8 x L15 in
Estimated Ship Date: Q1 2022

I have yet to actually receive a statue from YOYO Studio, so in all honesty, I am buying from them in hopes that the final product looks as amazing as it does in the images. This is a risk I have to take sometimes and hopefully it’s one that was worth taking. The first one I preordered from them is their Gohan statue and the production photos that have released of that one are looking good so far, so I’m hopeful that their statue of Zenitsu from Demon Slayer will turn out well also.

I already have a statue of Zenitsu on preorder and expected to arrive this year, Hero Belief Studios 1/6 scale Zenitsu statue. You can expect an unboxing and review on our YouTube channel of that one in the future. Even though I’ve already bought that one, I am really considering getting this one in addition too because it shows him in a really dynamic pose and has this leaping up in mid-air effect.

The one I already purchased of him also has LEDs in the eyes, but I really love how they look on this statue more. Since you can see his full face in this one, the LEDs look that much more amazing. The only thing I will say is that the likeness of the one head sculpt that shows him with his eyes open isn’t fully spot on, but the other two look just like him.

This one also shows him in his fight against the Spider Demon, which is really cool as well. There are a lot of nice elements on the base and added around the statue that complete the setting and reference to the moments that occur during this battle. All in all, if they pull this one off and it ends up looking as great as it does in the photos, this could be the best Zenitsu statue to go up for preorder so far. Not quite ready to officially give it that title until it releases, but it definitely has the potential.

Find out where to preorder and check out photos of YOYO Studio’s Zenitsu Demon Slayer statue below!

YOYO Studio Zenitsu Statue Preorder Links

YOYO Studio Zenitsu Statue Gallery

All images in this gallery are credited to YOYO Studio.

Fantasy Studio Akaza Statue

Dimensions: Approximately H30 x W30 x L40cm or H11.8 x W11.8 x L15.7in
Estimated Ship Date: Q2 2022

Last month, Fantasy Studios Rengoku Demon Slayer statue was one of my top anime statue preorders. And this month, their companion piece of Akaza that can be displayed with that statue is one of my favorites. I think it’s really cool how you can display these two statues to show them facing off against one another and they are both posed in a way that makes them look as dynamic individually as they are when displayed together.

I am happy that this one comes with two head sculpts (one that shows him with an angry expression and another that shows him smiling). At first, his forehead looked a little too long but they have stated that they are going to adjust the hairline so that it is more accurate. Once they do that, I think the likeness of Akaza is done really well here.

There is also a Standard and Exclusive version of this one. The difference being that the EX Version includes an extra and smaller statue that you can display at its side while the Standard Version does not. By itself, I think this one looks great, but when paired with Fantasy Studio Rengoku, these two really make a statement.

Find out where to preorder and check out photos of Fantasy Studio’s Akaza Demon Slayer statue below!

Fantasy Studio Akaza Statue Preorder Links

Fantasy Studio Akaza Statue Gallery

Figurama Clare & Teresa Elite Busts

Figurama put two Elite Busts of Clare and Teresa from Claymore up for preorder in May that are designed to be companion pieces their previously announced Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue, which features a lot of incredible detail. To tie these statues in with that one, they feature the same easter eggs and have a pedestal that’s directly inspired by the base of that statue, which is a nice touch.

The only thing that is holding me up from personally picking up Figurama’s Claymore busts is their scale, which is 1/4. I’m only collecting life-size (1/1 scale) busts, but I still think these look incredible and are worth picking up particularly if you are someone who wants to display these along with their statue of Teresa vs. Priscilla or are a collector of this scale.

Either way, these two feature the same level of high detail and quality we’ve come to expect from Figurama even though they are in a larger scale than we’ve seen from them before. They also feature a lot of nice texturing and weathering details throughout, especially on the armor.

Figurama also announced that Clare and Teresa won’t be the last characters in their Claymore Elite Bust line, so there’s more coming in the future from Figurama and this series!

Find out where to preorder and check out photos of Figurama’s Clare & Teresa Elite Busts below!

Figurama Clare & Teresa Elite Busts Preorder Links

Figurama Clare & Teresa Elite Busts Gallery

Other notable mentions: Cartoon World Obito and Kakashi, WS Studio Beerus, Burning Wind Studios Sakura