Last month was kind of a slow month for me with only two statues jumping out at me, Figurama’s Teresa vs Priscilla statue and Tsume’s Natsu Bust. Both look amazing and deserve to be mentioned. I have to admit though, I’m kind of glad that not much went up for preorder in February that I liked, because I finally had a chance to save some money. And I’m especially grateful for that small break, because this month is already starting off strong with some exciting statue announcements.

Here are my favorite anime statues that have gone up for or are going up for preorder in March 2021 so far!

Figurama Blame! Killy Elite Solo 1/6 Scale Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q1 2022

Dimensions: Approximately H43 x W39 x D32cm or H17 x W15.5 x D13in

Figurama’s Blame! Killy statue is the first to release from their new Elite Solo statue line. When it was first showcased at Figurama Festival, I new I had to have it not just because Blame! is one of my favorite Tsutomu Nihei series, but also because of the amount of detail that Figurama put into this one, especially in his outfit.

I’ve mentioned this before, but his Gravitational Beam Emitter forces him back after he shoots it. I do think the pose is a little too composed given that he just blasted through this structure with it, but even with that said, I still really enjoy it and I’m still going to preorder it. It has two portrait swapouts, one that features his appearance in the manga with the other featuring his appearance in the anime, and both look great. I also really enjoy the LEDs they’ve included, which make it look like this structure has just been incinerated.

After seeing this statue, I’m crossing my fingers that Figurama are going to release more Blame! statues down the road and I really hope they acquire more licenses for Tsutomu Nihei’s other works!

Figurama’s Blame! Killy Elite Solo 1/6 Scale Statue goes up for preorder on March 27, 2021 at 11pm JST on Figurama’s site.

Additional Preorder Links: Comic Concepts, Spec Fiction

Figurama Blame! Killy Elite Solo 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

Iron Kite Studio Kurama 1/4 Scale Yu Yu Hakusho Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q4 2021

Dimensions: Approximately 46 x 46 x 60cm or 18.1 x 18.1 x 23.6in

Preorder Links: FavorGK, Spec Fiction

Iron Kite Studio Kurama Statue Gallery

Prime 1 Studio 1/4 Scale My Hero Academia Statue of Midoriya, Bakugo & Todoroki

Estimated Arrival: June 2022 – September 2022, but this varies depending on where you preorder from

Dimensions: Approximately H68.8 x W56.9 x D54.6cm or H27.1 x W22.4 x D21.5in

Preorder Links:

  • Prime 1 Studio (DX Bonus Version for $1,999 USD, Standard for $1,799 USD) 
  • Comic Concepts (DX Bonus Version for $1,949.99 USD, Standard for $1,749.99 USD)
  • Spec Fiction (DX Bonus Version for $2,199 USD with free Continental US shipping, Standard for $1,979 USD with free Continental US shipping)

Prime 1 Studio My Hero Academia Statue Gallery

For more details on this statue, check out this post!

UK Studio Goku Black 1/6 Scale Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q4 2021

Dimensions: Approximately H53 x W45 x D45cm or H20.9 x W17.7 x D17.7in

I’ve been in search of a Goku Black statue for awhile now and one released that finally got me to pull the trigger. This statue is done by UK Studio, a studio that I am not personally familiar with, but I went ahead and took a flyer on them because I like the concept and look of this statue, especially since its made in a way that makes it look like he is flying out at you.

I love that it comes with two head sculpts, one Super Saiyan Rosé and the other featuring his standard appearance. Both head sculpts look incredible and I really love the pose he’s in. Also, I heard they are making changes to the scythe and I’m interested in seeing what those updates are.

The way this statue is designed makes it look like Goku Black is larger and in the foreground with the destruction of the city in the background. They also included a smaller scale Mai peeking up over the rubble. I really would love it if they released a Gogeta statue to rival and display with this one. The way its orientated and the overall concept of UK Studio’s Goku Black statue makes it look like this could be a potential release from them, so I’m crossing my fingers that this will be coming out in the future as well!

Preorder Links: FavorGK

UK Studio Goku Black 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

WS Studio Kenpachi Zaraki & Yachiru Kusajishi Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q4 2021

Dimensions: Approximately H60cm or H23.6in

There are two options for this statue; You can preorder the full set, which includes both Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi, or you can preorder Yachiru Kusajishi’s statue by itself.

This statue shows Kenpachi’s immense power and energy, which sometimes takes the shape of a skull and has a yellow hue. They’ve also included Yachiru, who can be displayed next to Kenpachi’s statue. I’m glad they included her in some form or another, because of the strong bond these two have.

Originally, the 3D renderings WS Studio revealed of this statue showed two different sculpts for Kenpachi, one in his standard form and another in what looked to be his Bankai form, where his appearance is similar to that of an oni. Not sure if this is something that will be coming in the future from WS Studio or if they just changed their mind, but I would have loved to see the original concept come to fruition. With that said though, I still like the overall look of this one even though it doesn’t show him unleashing his Bankai.

Preorder Links: FavorGK

WS Studio Kenpachi Zaraki & Yachiru Kusajishi Statue Gallery

Surge Studio Roronoa Zoro 1/6 Scale Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q3 2021

Dimensions: Approximately H31cm or H12.2in

Surge Studios have made some of my favorite statues of all time, including their Kisame and Itachi statues. They are one of my favorite studios to buy from when it comes to Naruto Shippuden, but they are also making One Piece statues now, which is exciting.

Surge Studio’s Roronoa Zoro 1/6 scale statue shows him in more of a museum pose, and while statues like these aren’t necessarily my thing, I still think it looks amazing. The LEDs that are shining through that translucent green band on the base looks incredible and the texturing on his outfit is nice. I also really like that it comes with a special bonus, Shusui and a holder for the sword, which you can display with the statue.

Preorder Links: FavorGK

Surge Studio Roronoa Zoro 1/6 Scale Statue Gallery

Clouds Studio Minato Namikaze 1/7 Scale Statue

Estimated Arrival: Q4 2021

Dimensions: Approximately H59 x W35 x D40cm or H23.2x W13.8 x D15.7in

I really wish that Clouds Studio would have went 1/8 scale with their Hokage line instead of 1/7, like they did with their Akatsuki line. While I would have liked all of their Naruto lines to be in the same scale, I’m still really impressed with the Hokage statues they’ve revealed so far, including statues of Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi with the most recent to go up for preorder being their Minato Namikaze statue.

I have to say that I wish they would have simplified this one just a bit, because their is a lot to take in on this statue despite its smaller footprint. I still don’t know how I feel about Kurama being added to the statue given its scale, but I really like how his claws are digging into the base, how he is incorporated in the statue, and the details they got in areas like his fur, teeth, and eyes. What really sells this statue for me though is Minato. He is in a strong pose with his cape dynamically flying behind him, which I love.

Like Clouds Studio’s Tobirama statue, there is a standard and EX Version of this statue. The difference being that the EX Version comes with two head sculpts that show Minato in his standard and Edo Tensei looks. I’m glad they included these two display options along with a bust stand for the one you don’t have on display.

I’ve purchased statues from Clouds Studio before and their quality is among the best when it comes Naruto statues. That’s not to say they are perfect; However, they are one of the studios that continuously impresses me. To get an idea of the quality of statues Clouds Studio release, check out our review of their Hidan statue!

Preorder Links: FavorGK

Clouds Studio Minato Namikaze 1/7 Scale Statue Gallery

I also want to mention that I’m happy that Jujutsu Kaisen statues are going up for preorder already. Since it’s still early and a lot of studios have yet to release statues from the series, I’m holding out and have yet to preorder any. One hasn’t caught my eye yet or had the look or likeness I’m looking for, but I’m excited for what’s to come and I can’t wait to finally own some statues from one of my favorite new series, Jujutsu Kaisen.