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Best Anime Statue Preorders (April 2021)

Best Anime Statue Preorders (April 2021)

This month has been one of my favorites this year so far with anime statues from Jimei Palace, Soul Wing, and more going up for preorder!

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Last month got me in trouble, but this month, has been unrelenting with amazing statue after amazing statue going up for preorder. April 2021 is one of my favorites this year so far with anime statues from Jimei Palace, Soul Wing, and more going up for preorder. Check out all of the statues I’m most excited about below!

Jimei Palace Kakashi Statue

Scale: 1/6 scale
Dimensions: Approximately H19.7 x W23.6 x D20.7in or H50 x W60 xD52.5cm

I’ve been in search of a Kakashi statue for awhile now, and finally after months and months of searching, I’ve found the one I’m going to preorder, Jimei Palace’s 1/6 scale Kakashi statue. The lunging forward pose he’s in looks incredible. Usually, I’m not one who purchases statues with characters that aren’t facing forwards, but Jimei did an amazing job with this one by making it look as if he is still about to come straight at you with his expression and the orientation of his body. His eyes are still looking forward and this makes him look really menacing. It also looks as if he is running and about to leap of that rock in front of him, which is awesome.

I am hoping that the detailing in the Susanoo is more defined than what I can see in the photos, but you can tell its cast in a clear resin and is painted in various shades of blue. I have a feeling that this is going to look better in person than it does in the photos. The overall concept of this one is what I love the most about it. It has a powerful look to it and Kakashi looks badass, and because of these reasons, it is my favorite statue to go up for preorder this month.

Jimei Palace Kakashi Statue Gallery

Soul Wing Shirahoshi with Megalo Statue

Scale: 1/4 scale
Dimensions: Approximately H25.59 x W20.87 x D18.90in or H65cm x W53cm x D48cm

Soul Wing’s Shirahoshi statue is one I love because Megalo is by her side. I’m really happy they included him with her because he adds even more life to this statue. The sculpt of Shirahoshi looks incredible and her likeness is spot on. I love all the detailing on her mermaid tail and the fact that the fan at its end is cast in clear resin, which has been painted in varying shades of pink.

She comes with two head sculpts, one that shows her smiling and the other that shows her with tears welling up in her eyes. These two portraits do a great job at showing the different facets of her personality. The base itself has a pool of water atop it with all different kinds of sea life within it. It’s details like these that really pull this statue together. All in all, Soul Wing did an amazing job with their Shirahoshi and Megalo statue and it’s one of my favorites to go up for preorder this month.

Preorder Links

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Soul Wing Shirahoshi with Megalo Statue Gallery

Jimei Palace Kuzan Statue

Scale: 1/6 scale
Dimensions: Approximately H50cm x W47.5cm x D29cm or H19.7 x W18.7 x D11.4in

If it weren’t for their Kakashi statue, Jimei Palace’s new Kuzan statue would be at the top of this list. Kuzan already looks cool when riding his bike, but they’ve managed to make him look even cooler in this powerful pose atop that ramp of ice. It’s one I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it, but now that I have, it’s a must-have.

All of the details they’ve added on this one are amazing from the ice sickles adorning his bike to the snow detail on his hair and clothing. The ice is also executed really well and it really pops in that crystal clear blue color. I really enjoy all of Jimei Palace’s One Piece statues, but this one is unique from anything they’ve done before, and because of that, it is one of my favorites.

Preorder Links

Jimei Palace Kuzan Statue Statue Gallery

Fantasy Studios Rengoku Statue

Dimensions: Approximately H40 x W43 x L52cm or H15.7 x W16.9 x L20.5in

Fantasy Studios statue is my new favorite of Rengoku to go up for preorder so far. It has the most dynamic pose I’ve seen and it looks like he is leaping mid-air along with the flames. They are moving in the same direction and this gives it a powerful look. There are two versions of this statue, a standard and an advanced version. Both versions come with two upper body sculpts, one with a portrait that is bloodstained and another that is not, and each have a different pose. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is an unlicensed statue.

The advanced version comes with everything the standard version has plus an extra and special Rengoku statue that can be displayed at its side or separately. I like that they added in different display options with the statue and that they are included with the standard version. The overall sculpt is done really well, but its the Flame Tiger that has me sold the most. It really is a striking piece and I like the way that Fantasy Studios executed the flames more so than any other studio that’s come out with a statue of Rengoku before.

Preorder Links

Fantasy Studios Rengoku Statue Gallery

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue

Scale: 1/6 scale
Dimensions: Approximately H50.9 x W65.6 x D34.5cm or H20 x W25.8 x D13.6in

When I first saw Prime 1 Studio’s Guts vs Zodd statue, I was unsure about it at first, but it quickly grew on me. It has a 20-inch diorama environment, which is really cool, and I love the fact that they are clashing at its center. Prime 1 always do a great job with their Berserk statues. Since they’ve released statues of Guts and Zodd individually in the past, I knew they’d execute these characters well and, from what I can see in the photos, I think the sculpts and the painting look great.

The details as always are above and beyond. Guts armor is battle-damaged and Zodd’s loincloth is made of synthetic fur. They also recreated the snowy landscape that’s adorned with the tribute swords made by Rickert. This statue comes in two versions, a Standard and Deluxe Version. The difference being that the Deluxe Version comes with 3 interchangeable heads for Guts as well as a posable fabric cape for Guts. Overall, it’s a great addition to their growing line of Berserk statues.

Preorder Links

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue Gallery

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue Standard Version Gallery
Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue Deluxe Version Gallery

Ryu Studio Whitebeard Statue

Dimensions: Approximately H79 x W64 x D73cm or H31.1 x W25.2 x D28.7in

Ryu Studio’s Whitebeard went up for preorder this month and the way he looks in this statue is imposing. It comes with three swappable heads and a bust for the extra portraits. The sculpting and painting they did on his muscles and the way they added his veins make them look as if they are popping out. They also did a nice job on all the scarring that’s on his body. I also enjoy how they sculpted his white captain’s coat and its sleeves, which are flying up behind him. It’s one of the first statues I’ve seen that fully captures Whitebeard’s likeness and Ryu Studio really did him justice with this one.

Preorder Links

Ryu Studio Whitebeard Statue Gallery

Chikara Studios Kabuto vs Itachi Statue

Dimensions: Approximately H63 x W58 x D52cm or H24.8 x W22.8 x D20.5in

When Chikara Studios Kabuto vs Itachi statue was announced, I was really excited because this is a moment that I’ve been waiting for a statue of for quite some time. It really does have a dynamic look to it with both Kabuto and Itachi about to clash in battle. I will note that this is an unlicensed statue but it has a licensed statue price. This made sense at first given that it originally had such a limited edition size of only 88 pieces, but later on, Chikara Studios announced that they are increasing the edition size due to demand without any change in the price.

While I think this one looks great and I think it is one of the best this month has to offer, I personally am going to pass on picking this one up because of its price. I just don’t think it is worth the hype, especially since I have concerns about the final quality of this statue after seeing some of the statues, particularly their Attack on Titan statues, they’ve put up for preorder in the past. That’s not to say that they could have really improved over time, but I’m just not willing to take the chance on this one. While I like the concept and product photos that have been revealed so far, I’m personally not confident enough to spend this much money for a statue from this particular studio, especially given that they are charging as much, if not more, as a licensed studio like Figurama does.

Preorder Links

Chikara Studios Kabuto vs Itachi Statue Gallery

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