ALTER revealed two new 1/7 scale Sword Art Online figures of Kirito and Asuna's ALO Undine avatar. Both are expected to ship out sometime in April 2022. Always keep in mind though that expected arrival dates are subject to change and can vary depending on which site you preorder them from. Since the time of writing this post, Alter announced a lot of new anime figures at Megahobby Expo 2021!

Kirito's figure shows him in a pose where he is reaching for his sword and he is approximately 10.24in or 26cm tall. Asuna's ALO Undine avatar figure shows her with her blue hair with a sword in hand and she is approximately 10.63in or 27cm tall.

You can find out where to preorder ALTER's figures of Kirito and Asuna (Undine Ver) and check out photos of each figure in the gallery below!

Preorder Links

ALTER Sword Art Online Kirito 1/7 Scale Figure Gallery

ALTER Sword Art Online Asuna (Undine Ver) 1/7 Scale Figure Gallery