Bandai Spirits announced that they are reviving a new edition of the Akira Project BM! Soul of Popynica Kaneda’s Bike 1/6 scale figure eleven years after its initial release. Medicom also revealed that they are re-releasing the 1/6 scale figure of Shotaro Kaneda that can be posed with it.

Kaneda’s bike features chrome detailing on the front suspension and it flexes like it does in the anime. The bike also comes with sound effects that are activated when you press the accelerator pedal, which triggers an engine sound, and when you press the brake pedal, which triggers a tire-squealing effect. In addition, it can be connected to external speakers if you are in search of higher-quality audio playback. The bike also has lighting effects, which you can check out in the photos below.

Shotaro Kaneda’s figure by Medicom is sold separately and it is articulated, allowing you to pose him seated on the bike and display him in various poses. His goggles are removable, so he can be displayed with or without them on. He also comes with his signature motorcycle-riding suit, which is made of synthetic leather. Additional items included with Shotaro Kaneda’s figure are his gun, battery pack, goggles, and a stand.

Both are currently up for preorder on various sites with an expected ship date of June-August 2021, but this estimate varies depending on where you preorder from.

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You can check out images of the Akira Project BM! Shotaro Kaneda 1/6 scale figure and Akira Project BM! Soul Of Popynica 1/6 scale Kaneda’s Bike (Revival Ver.) in the gallery below!

Akira Project BM! Shotaro Kaneda 1/6 Scale Figure Gallery

All images are credited to Medicom.

Akira Project BM! Soul Of Popynica 1/6 Scale Kaneda’s Bike (Revival Ver.) Gallery

All images are credited to Bandai Spirits.